The Same Places

Realized: 27.02.2016

30 boards, 95x95 cm, 2 videos i intervies and trip video documentation.
Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Pavlo Kovach, Stanislav Turina, Anton Varga) 


Uzhhorodskyi  Khudozhfond (Uzhhorod Art Foundation) is a two-storey building built at the end of the 1960s for the Zakarpats'ka Art Association of the Soviet Ukraine at that time. Its main aim was to create studios for the artists of the association and provide them with materials to allow them to fulfill different kinds of public orders, predominantly of agitational nature. The studio had large windows, high ceilings, heavy glass doors by the entrance. A permanent security officer. Some artists had already worked here in Bokschaj and Erdelyi times. Nowadays, there are artist workshops on the first floor, and private businesses on the ground floor. 12 years ago, in this building, a post-mortem exhibition of Pavel Bedzir took place, which marked the beginning of a new, informal “Korydor” gallery. 

Here is where they meet.
The ground floor is covered with twilight. The only reminder of artistic activity are old wooden easel boards, they are our age, made in the early 1990s, just before independence restoration. 

The boards actually represent a report on the work of the Zakarpats'ka Art Association. They are often viewed, sometimes photographed. They are dusty, encoding new information, unsigned telephone numbers or different inscriptions like "Sasha - ***". There are names of famous authors on the boards, along with black and white photos of buildings. 

Interiors... Locations... Different cities and places. We are fueled by simple curiosity. After 25 years, we ordered the same easel boards from Rejtij once again.
A group photo. One more trip to everywhere.
Just like that – simple curiosity. 

The same places is an action trip to different places with the objects of Zakarpats'ka Art Association of the Soviet Ukraine. The trip lasted for 12 hours. The participants travelled to 13 places by bus. In every location, where over 30 years ago there had been a building, the travellers took a group photo as a gesture of “fixating the fact of presence”. After the trip, during the exhibition opening, the participants could view the documentation of their presence in the same places. The trip is a part of a project that consists of 15 boards were created by artists and made by J. Rejtij in the 1990s as a report on the performance of duties. 15 copies of the boards with group photos were also added to the project. 


The itinerary:
Uzhhorod, 22 Mukaczevska Street, (Juventus club);
Uzhhorod, 20 Pestela Street;
Uzhhorod, 2 Miynayjska Street;

Uzhhorod, 33 Lev Tolstoy Street, cashiers Kiev-Avia;

Uzhhorod, F. Rakotsi Street, Ukraine UMVSSW Museum;
Uzhhorod, 33a Kapitulna Street, Museum of Folk Architecture and Everyday Life;
Uzhhorod, 20 Sobranecka Street, the “Visit” restaurant

Uzhhorod, 21 University Street, the main building of UżNU;
Uzhhorod, railway station on the border with Slovakia;
Chop, railway station;
Pereczyn region, Turiaji Remetay, village church;
Berehovo, The building of the Geological Research Institute Administration;
Vynochradiv region, Peiterflovo, abandoned canteen of a “Prykordonnyk” collective farm;

Mukaczevo region, “Carpathians” sanatorium.


Vlada Bumbak, Gabriel Buletsa, Pavlo Kovach, Pavlo Kovach (junior), Olga Kovach, Danylo Kovach, Stanislav Turina, Nataly Herajmowich, Julia Worotniak, Michael Melnyczenko, Walerij Kumanowski, Vadim Kharabaruk Harabaruk, Natasha Shevchenko, Atilla Gażliński, Ronald Kosiński, Anastasia Kostiv, Marina Humeniuk, Yaroslav Ilko, Christina Harmasi, Tomasz Gażliński, Bandy Sholtes, Andrijana Kuc, Yarosłav Futymski, Myrosława Kozar, Bohdan Tomaszewski, Yevgen Solomko, Błażyj Rysun, Oleksa Manżalij, Lina Diechtierov, Marsel Onysko, Oleksij Trocenko, Ołena Subacz, Olga Puzyr, Alexander Zyryanov, Bohdan Korczanow, Myszko Myszkowski, Chib, Victor Diomin, Misza Cap, Christina Herasem, Andriy Stegura, Oleg Putraszyk, Maria Palczej, Julie Beruchov. 


The project carried out as part of the “Indentity. Behind the curtain of uncertainty” exhibition, National Museum in Kiev, Ukraine. 


Opening of exhibition is The same places, Korydor gallery, Uzhhorodskyi  Khudozhfond (Uzhhorod Art Foundation), Uzhhorod, 2016.  

Opening of exhibition is The same places, Korydor gallery, Uzhhorodskyi  Khudozhfond (Uzhhorod Art Foundation), Uzhhorod, 2016. 

The same places, Korydor gallery, Uzhhorodskyi  Khudozhfond (Uzhhorod Art Foundation), Uzhhorod, 2016.




The Same Places, Stained glass in the building of Festivities (today Church), Turji Remetu, Pereczyn district, Ukraine.

Photo by - Mykhailo Melnychenko. 

The Same Places, Sgraffito in the waiting room of station Chop, railway station, Chop, Ukraine.

Photo by - Mykhailo Melnychenko.




Exhibition, Indentity.Behind the curtain of uncertainty , National Museum in Kiev, Ukraine, 2016.