Gallery on the Stretch of the Road #2

From project “Open Gallery”

Realized 12.09.2014



(r.Stryi- Azov sea)


The gallery was created with similar road sign, while one of them was installed on the bank of the Stryi river in Carpathian mountains, Lviv region and the other — on the Biruchiy peninsula in Azov sea, Zaporizzhya region.

The space of the gallery is thus defined by the curve of the river (or the water to be precise) which through another, bigger, river falls into the sea. The route which one would have to follow in order to see the space of the gallery is correspondingly about 1000 km long. Open Group gave an account to a space that for obvious reasons has remained unattended by the artists themselves. 

Plan of gallery

International Symposium of Contemporary Art «Biruchiy 2014», Zaporozhye region, Ukraine.