One of those people

Realized: 2020, Contexts Festival, Sokołowsko, Poland.

Performance, video 23’41’’

Open Group (Iryna Berladina, Yuriy Biley, Pavlo Kovach, Khrystyna Melnytska, Alla Savynova, Anton Varga)


Within the framework of the project "One of these people" carried out during the Contexts Festival, the Open Group invited new members who came to Sokołowsko as independent representatives of the collective (Iryna Berladina, Khrystyna Melnytska and Alla Savynova ) without their founders. Thus, the structure of the group was enlarged to six people. The work touches on two threads. First of all, it is an element of constant practice and the ultimate dream of the Open Group to let the collective exist without its founding members. Secondly, it touches upon the subject of emigration and the fate of female and male emigrants coming to Poland to work. The recruitment for new members of the Open Group was conducted among Ukrainian female and male emigrants who came here to work. Their visibility is revealed during a live reading of their biographies. Thus, they show and represent the fate of one of these people.

text - Marta Czyż 




Photographed by Krzysztof Ździebło