Open Shop

Realized 14.01.2013

As far as the "Open Group" deals and works mainly with society it's obvious that another step towards social integration is joining the media (radio, television, newspapers, etc.).

In this case, we used an information/ads newspaper "Your Shop".

We've gathered information of participants of the "Open Group" about their projects, and placed them in this newspaper, thus it became an "Art Object".

On the other hand, it is - an open educational program for "common people".

Imagine a wondered person who calls and asks you what is installation, object, performance and why do the person need it?

Whether it is the column the 'Art and gathering " there someone finds an ad: photo from performance - " Loss of Space" (print 29.5cm x 42cm.), Warsaw, 2011, author Y. Biley, 300hrn, next to the ad: beads picture "Angels" 23 -29 cm, Czech beads, anti-reflective glass, 330hrn.)

The main idea - is approaching contemporary art to the common people. In some way, we continue to do what Alevtina Kakhidze and her "Christmas Art Fair" does but in our case we set the choice whether to buy a second hand carpet for 300hrn. or the work of one of the participants (young, promising artists) from the "Open Group".

This ongoing project aims to expand its scope and to invite more authors.

Announcement Eugene Samborskyi, Anton Varga, Stas Turina

Announcement Eugene Samborskyi, Anton Varga

Announcement Stas Turina

Announcement Yuriy Biley

Announcement Yuriy Biley

Announcement Yuriy Biley

Announcement Oleg Perkowsky, Павло Ковач (Джуніор)