Exclusively for Internal Use

Realized: 06.10.2015 - 07.10.2015

multimedia installation: action, c-print, print run of books, 5 videos.

Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Anton Varga, Pavlo Kovach)


For the project Exclusively for Internal Use, Open Group made an action-journey from Lviv, artists' home place, to the PinchukArtCentre in Kyiv. During the trip the artists explored ways of together living of unknown to each other people, forced to interact and to share common space. 

Every stage of the trip (in a tram, 2nd class carriage of the train and metro) was recorded through video, a photograph and edition of books. 

Contingent dialogues of people in the tram were restaged in a form of theatre settings. A long-lasting co-existence of people in the train was documented through the instantaneous collective photoshot, while the short trip in metro found its reflection in a book publication. 

Brought altogether, all these gestures fix social cut of our today and research our perception of time and shared experience.


* ''Exclusively for Internal Use'' project is an action- journey from home place to the PinchukArtCentre (exhibition space of the future project) using 3 kinds of public transport. Respectively project is composed of 3 parts.


Part 1

Casual dialogues in tram:

Videos is a second gesture from the ''Exclusively for Internal Use'' project realized by the Open Group on October 6th in Lviv.

Action Description:

Start 22:04, tram stop Plosha I.Franka, Lviv.

Five action’s participants entered the tram to record the dialogues of passangeres.  

Finish 23:09, tram stop Main Railway Station, Lviv

Participants of the action: Anatoliy Tatarenko, Pavlo Kovach, Myroslava Kozar, Yuri Biley, Natalya Susyak.

After that the passangeres dialogues recorded by participants of the action were transformed into drama scenes played by theatre actors.

5 dialogues - 5 scenes. 

Actors:  Fedoruk Yaroslav, Vasyl  Kolisnyk, Denys Sokolov, Mykola Bereza, Natalya Rybka-Parxomenko, Tetyana  Kaspruk.

Part 2

Group photo from train’s car:

This photo is a second gesture from the ''Exclusively for Internal Use'' project realized by the Open Group on October 7th in Kyiv.

Action Description:

Train 014*ШД ФІРМ НШ, departure: Lviv, arrival: Kyiv-Pasazhurskuj.Car: 13 П/О П-3. 

Departure: 07.10.2015 01:08. 

We were travelling - living through 9 hours 4 minutes together with passangeres from 13th car. At the end of the trip we invited passangeres to take a group photo in Kyiv on the platform next to the train. 

Arrival: 07.10.2015 10:04, piture was taken just after arrival. 

number of participants on the photograph: 25 people.

Photo by Anatoliy Tatarenko. C-print, size 195х270 sm.


Part 3

Statistical cut of a particular type of the collective ''text'':

This book is a third gesture from the ‘’Exclusively for Internal Use’’* project realized by the Open Group on October 7th in Kyiv.

The gesture might be interpreted as a statistical cut of a particular type of the collective ‘’text’’, where people are in every day. At the same time it is a creation of an example of a new possible text. This book, which ‘editing’ lasted for 7 minutes, is being exhibited in ‘library’ conditions in order to provide as much time for in-depth study. However, this contradicts its idea, consisting in collecting people’s occupations in metro aimed at ‘’killing’’ time. 


Action Description:

Start at 11: 36, Vokzalna station, Kyiv.

11 participants of the action went into the metro car in order to gather information from people reading books, listening to music, navigating in the Internet. We recorded each page of each book being read in the same car at the same time in between three metro stations. The same way we dealt with diffrent people’s occupations using other media.

Finish at 11:43, Khreschatyk metro station.

31 people were interviewed.

Duration: 7 min.

Participants of the action: Taras Kovach, Anton Dehtiarov, Kateryna Yermolaeva, Pavlo Kovach, Yuri Biley, Dobrynia Ivanov, Tatiana Kochubinska, Oleksiy Salmanov, Anatoliy Tatarenko, Maria Tkachenko, Dennis Grischuk.


During the lay out of the ''integral'' text we limit ourselves with the easiest medium, which is present in all collected examples. We excluded visual elements and sounds, which is also being determined by technical possibilities of presentation. Language remains the same as it was in the original book. All pages number from each book were fixed. If a page number due to diffrent reasons remained unknown, we published the 1st page of the book that was read by the person. It is important to avoid any secondary editing of the book. 


Pinchuk Art Centre Prize shortlist exhibition, PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv, 2015. Created with PinchukArtCenter support, Kiev, Ukraine.