Between us

Realized 2013

Оpen Group (Eugene Samborsky, Yuriy Biley, Anton Varga, Oleg Perkovsky, Pavlo Kovach, Stanislav Turina)


Normally Open group’s projects are the result of aging ideas from one or more members of the group, further discourse, and thus the embodiment of transformation. Since the beginning of the project in the core of the band is a long-term project "Open Gallery". Often result depends on the spatial conditions of the environment. Category of time (limit) in these projects takes a back seat.
In contrast to the "Open Gallery", the project "Between Us", in this form as it is, was released due to a clear time limit for work. Its critical value, and possibly one of the reasons that the fixation of time between us and became the basis of this experiment.
Starting work on the project, which wasn’t previously undefined by any overall vision or any special conditions of space, three weeks before the opening, in an attempt to move to one-piece design, the participants raised the question of integrity. Before us clearly have appeared our differences, the existence of each one’s individual positions, largely in conflict, contradict each other. The next step was the decision to reflect on the phenomenon. The phenomenon of community. Situation in which the people were united by one goal. We tried to take the position of the observer on the process of creating a project in the group. Watch the group as the object. Since then tried to ignore the need for completion of the project, from our conversations about a possible show, and they are committed, given the status of a full-fledged art object.
Recording began. Ideas were being born, debated, and then rejected, again and again going around. Immediately there was a need to find out the priorities and motivations of each other regarding cooperation in the group. We recorded interviews with each participant, primarily for internal use, to address the issues between us. 

This exhibition is presented to us as a general introduction to the gallery’s activities, respectively, "the entry" required to determine the initial conditions.

Three days before the opening we stopped recording. 30 hours of talks. Sign of sandbox somewhere in the middle. Appeared and disappeared later. In the end was decided to leave. Tables around which we gathered were taken to Kyiv. Both direct artifacts of our life together.
The relevance of this project to the viewer is uncertain. However, it is an attempt to explore the Open group’s existence.

Screenshots from the recorded interview group members

Between us, Bottega gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2013.