I’ve joined – I’ve left

Realized 06.09.2013

Performance, during which every spectatorbecame a medium and witness of AlexSalmanov’s stay in the Open Group.

Physical stay of spectators in the space,suggested by Alex, is yet joining. Then leavingthat space means opposite.That particular action is the gesture ofpresence carried though the relocation.


Group’s participants from 4.38pm to 4.47pm on September the 6th:
Yuriy Biley, Anton Varga, Pavlo Kovach (junior), Yevgen Samborsky, Alex Salmanov, Stanislav Turina.

Відкрита група, Я ввійшов - Я вийшов, перформанс, 2013 from Open Archive on Vimeo.

“Days of the Performance Art” festival; Lviv, 2013