Keys to the gallery

Realized 16.12.2012

The "Kredents" festival was held in the late august 2012 on the outskirts of Vynogradiv in Transcarpathia, in the tract Vynnychky at the foot of the Chorna Gora, on the shores the river Tisza. The small house was found among many abandoned and dilapidated buildings. It was possible to get inside only through the broken window. While observing the house Pavlo Kovach has tried to open the door with his flat keys and he was successful. When the members of the future project opened the door they saw a real "White Cube" inside and it was a sign to make their project in this building. The name of the gallery is "Tysa" the same as the river's name and it is located 10 meters from the shore. We were told by organizers of the festival that this house is often being flooded. The exhibition consists of six previously made works and those that were created on the festival.

Participants of the exhibition are: Stas Turian (object "It"), Yuriy Biley (object "Transfer"), Anton Varga (object "Io Justification"), Oleg Perkovskyy ("Windows"), Paul Kovacs (object "Untitled"), Yevgen Samborsky (object "Freedom").

This project was prepared for МузичіChristmasArtFair 2012

"The Keys to the Gallery" project consists of 6 objects in the boxes. Each box contains:

  • picture of the "Gallery Tysa"
  • picture of the one object from the exhibition
  • booklet with map
  • confirmation letter.

This confirmation letter proves that you are the owner of one of the six works of the "Keys to the Gallery" project.


You have become one of the six owners of the "Keys to the Gallery" project released by "Open group" (Stas Turina, Yuriy Biley, Anton Varga, Oleg Perkovskyy, Pavlo Kovacs, Yevgen Samborsky.)

The "Keys to the gallery" gives you the ability to make the trip (in addition to the artistic work of one of the participants (in this case, Yevgen Samborsky artwork "Freedom"...) for this artwork to the outskirts of Vinogradov that in Transcarpathia in the tract Vynnychky to the foot of the Chorna Gora.

  • You can pick up this artwork throughout the year, from the date of opening of the exhibition "MuzychiChristmasArtFair" in Dnipropetrovsk 17.12.2012.
  • There is the house called "Gallery Tysa" on the spot indicated on the map which is near Vynohradiv, and you are receiving the keys to it.
  • You can pick up just one artwork.
  • In case of taking more works from the exhibition, destroying the layout and other injuries your karma will bear all responsibility for this.
  • Please lock the door after you pick up your artwork.

Best regards, "Open group" : Stas Turina, Yuriy Biley, Anton Varga, Oleg Perkovskyy, Pavlo Kovacs, Yevgen Samborsky.


Project 'MuzychiChristmasArtFair 2012' exposition

Project 'MuzychiChristmasArtFair 2012' exposition

Project 'MuzychiChristmasArtFair 2012' exposition