We were somewhere among you

Action, plane, banner with text, size 150 x 3000 sm.

Realized: 04.10.2018 o 13:30 - 14:30, Katowice (Poland).

Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Stanislav Turina, Pavlo Kovach, Anton Varga).


“We were somewhere among you” was realised in frames of Katowice Street Art AiR. The work ask a question about presence-absence of human in space. Who is “we” and who is “you”? It can be a monument of all who left and all who came. The absence of Open Group during the flight above Katowice and that they couldn’t see live project was important.


The plane flew over:

1) Pile Kostuchna. 

2) Coal mine “Wieczorek”.

3) Valley of three ponds.

4) Muzeum Śląskie in Katowice. 

5) Church on Mariacka street. 

6) Sejmu Śląskiego square. 

7) Cemetery, Sienkiewicza street 47. 

8) Jewish cemetery, Kozielska street 16. 

9) Wolności square. 

10) Main bus station PKS Katowice.

11) Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa Spodek. 

12) Śląski park, Planetarium. 

13) Coal mine “Wujek”.



Photographed by - Jeremi Astaszow (Sejmu Śląskiego square). 

Photographed by - Leszek Cylupa (Śląski park, Planetarium).


Photographed by - Robert Zembrzycki (Valley of three ponds).

Photographed by - Maciej Gapiński (Pile Kostuchna).

Photographed by - Kinga Hołda-Justycka (Muzeum Śląskie in Katowice).


Photographed by - Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec (Hala Widowiskowo-Sportowa Spodek).


Photographed by - Halim (Wolności square).