Gallery 19

From project “Open Gallery”

Realized 29.02.2013

Gallery 19 in Lutsk (in municipal gallery), is the sixth space created out of the «Open Gallery» project. Inspired by «Gallery with Forest View» it is situated in the woods not far from Samijlychiv village and is an example of the basic extraction of one space out of another.

Six artist participated in the residence.

Unlike previous galleries of the project, that had no exact end points of their existence, 19 days of the last one has been known to us before it was created.

Open Group (29.02.2013-18.03.2013):
A. Varga, Y. Biley, S. Turina, A. Tatarenko, S. Torbinov, S. Radkevych, E. Samborsky, P. Kovach.

Plan of gallery

The group members' exhibition :

1. Serhiy Radkevych, “Flesh Destroys, Spirit gives Life”.
2. Aton Varga, “Io Untitled”.
3.Anatoly Tatarenko, “The Blossom of Barbarism”.


«Double Horizon», Аrt Gallery, Lutsk, Ukraine.