The Shadow of Dream* cast upon Giardini della Biennale

* Dream - is literary translation of Mriya — Ukrainian aircraft, the biggest in the world.







The plane Dream will fly over the Giardini della Biennale but it will not cast a shadow. It is unclear what will happen in the Giardini on that day, and fortunately, no one knows this.The sun rises over the Giardini della Biennale. And the tired security guard stands in the middle of the garden. The curator of the Biennale tells someone nearby that he isn’t tired at all.


When we are told that it is necessary to dream, we agree. But all too often we are told that dreaming is also expensive, irrational, not for now. What place does a real, audacious dream have in this new world? Should everything continue being subordinated to what Alain Badiou calls the “combination of obedience before what is necessary and negative will”? Or can a country in a deep economic crisis and an open military conflict dream (of a shadow over the Giardini della Biennale)? Can this country allow itself to think about spending 300,000 euros on two minutes of shadow over the Giardini della Biennale? Where is the dream stopped and where does it stop itself? And if the threshold of politics or economics can yet be overcome, then does the project cross the threshold of the ethics of an ecological crisis? Where, at what stage, does the dream about Dream and its shadow crash into ordinary bureaucracy, pragmatism, the rational use of resources and the ethics of the 21st century?

But what does the Biennale have to do with this? Why this flight? Is it perhaps worth defining what a dream is in this context? The Giardini della Biennale? The Biennale as a celebration of the Western market art? Is there in fact something greater beyond it, some banal, funny yet sensitive attachment to the global professional community with all its advantages and disadvantages? We simultaneously ask ourselves if the Biennale was really the dream for artists in the Soviet Union. Maybe it is only now, to us descendants, after the fact, that it seems like being excluded from the community of our colleagues in the West is experienced in different ways, sometimes traumatically, sometimes on the contrary. Yet it seems like it was precisely this period of isolation that created the peculiar face of the culture we grew up in. These different generations, teachers and students, conformists and outsiders, created a very particular community in Ukraine, a community that still cannot delineate itself and within which dialogs occur in fragments and snippets since they always start from different beliefs in different myths, yet still come from a single, branching mythology. 

Almost two months ago we announced an open call for all who wanted to take part in an unjuried Ukrainian pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale. We appealed to Ukrainian artists as to a single, yet “imagined community” and at the same time to every individual who felt marginalized from the process or vice versa. We invited them to take part in the project irrespective of technique, idea, education, or age. Perhaps this was an attempt to again “imagine the community itself” where “everyone” is an artist — it is a demonstration of presence, a meeting, a march on Venice. We employ a rhetoric at the level of a mayor of a city: “all artists”, “Dream”, “Flight”. Our choice of symbols can be found on mildewy posters from the nineties in this young, post-Soviet republic, in the description of some sort of regional festival. It is with this understanding that we approach the Venice Biennale with the dreams of provincial Ukraine. In this regard, our project is the death of professionalism, the victory of the “dark” in the sense of the uneducated, the victory of intuition and the half-sleep that remains without interpretation by a dream book, and it is even no longer entirely clear who had this dream. We are making a call to the living, assuring them that they will be there, that they will cast their shadow on the Giardini simply by filling out an application and becoming participants in the Venice Biennale and thereby accelerating the inflation of the Biennale. In the words of Joseph Brodsky, every epoch, every period, every century, if you like, appoints a main poet, one for the epoch because it’s easier that way, simpler. We are against this, we are for every story and this gesture again questions the Biennale and its politics of inclusivity/exclusivity.

In 1993, after 70 years of the Soviet Union and two years of independent Ukraine, there was an exhibition of Ukrainian artists in the Ujazdów Castle in Warsaw. For the first time, they were not artists of the socialist doctrine, but “contemporary artists”, participants of Parkomuna, so-called Ukrainian transavantgarde, different artists from the east and west of the country. Curated by Jerzy Onuch, the exhibition was called Steppes of Europe and although only faint traces of the works themselves remain online, the prophetic title was fated to become yet another term in the local mythology.

In 2018, MoMA published an academic book (Art and Theory of Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe: A Critical Anthology. Janevski, Ana, et al, 2018) on the critical art discourse in the post-Soviet space of central eastern Europe. A careful reader flipping through the end pages of this book would land on maps of the cities that the members of the research team and curators from the institution visited. Amidst all the notable capitals of central-eastern European countries (and not just capitals), a glaringly blank space appears in the place of Ukraine. It is those same steppes of Europe and just 25 years later they are totally blanketed in snow — even the capital is hidden under a thick blanket. This is not the first instance of an authoritative global institution’s exclusion of Ukrainian art, seemingly from its own context as a key community in the region. And of course the question arises: why is our legitimization by institutionally developed countries so important to us? Or, to be blunt, by the influential professional community and the global market? As an art collective and the curators of this pavilion, we make use of mythology precisely because it is the clearest and most verified thing we have. In 25 years of independence, culture has continued to exist within its own convenient and closed paradigm, thereby generating critically few points of  “entry” for those who were ready to go inside. The steppes of Europe have begun to thaw from the snow, but this process is taking place, of course like everything important, through unexpected discoveries, pain, and self-acceptance, through artists’ blunders and the community’s defeats, and through creating a dream and contemplating its burning. Yet as a reminder of those who were excluded, half-manifested, or even could not dream, we decided to cast a shadow on the Giardini della Biennale to remind us of all those other shadows that fall upon it, upon the global market, and upon the entire system of the colonialism of contemporary art.

The pavilion’s final appearance acknowledges these difficulties. It is a result of both the apparent and obscured actions of five main players. The result of these complicated relationships, confrontations, and coalitions will be reflected as a station for the transfer of myth — the myth about the flight of Dream over the Giardini della Biennale. Performers within the pavilion, as authorized transmitters of the story of this project, will know about the exhibition the most, and will save and store a new continuation of the myth. The result of open call for all ukrainian artists became a telephone book listing 1,143 artists and art groups. In this directory, a careful reader flipping through, will encounter a connection to the artists who have submitted their information. Perhaps they are unknown to you, perhaps they are friends. Or perhaps simply acknowledging their existence is be enough. 

As Waldemar Tatarchuk correctly said before: The pavilion became a shadow of a shadow. 

Mriya in flight 2015, photo, © Vasiliy Koba, Courtesy Antonov Company


An-225 іs taking off 2015, photo, © Vasiliy Koba, Courtesy Antonov Company


The Shadow of Dream* cast upon Giardini della Biennale 2019, screens from video, © Open Group



Pavilion of Ukraine at the 58th  International art exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia present the project The Shadow of Dream* cast upon Giardini della Biennale project.

COMMISSIONER: Svitlana Fomenko, First Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine 

ARTISTS: Aleksandra Kovaleva, Alexander Sokolov, Alexandr Timchenko, Alina Velentii, Andriy Honcharenko, Аdriana Galetska, Аnastasiia Pustovarova, Agent Suceava, Aia Kora, Albert Feldman, Albina Yaloza, Albina Litvinova, Aleksandr Anbrochyk, Aleksandr Nikolaevskiy, Aleksandr Kalmykov, Alena Vezza, Alena Shybunova, Alevtina Kakhidze, Alex Bohomaz, Alex Silaumov, Alexander Milstein, Alexander Rudnik, Alexander Isaenko, Alexander Fabrychnikov, Alexander Goncharenko, Alexander Zhukovsky, Alexander Lidagovsky, Alexander Britcev, Alexandr Prytula, Alexandr Kusenko, Alexandra Liven, Alexandra Kadzevich, Alina Kleytman, Alina Sokolova, Alina Ruzhyna, Alina Kopytsia, Alisa Vershkovska, Alla Markovska, Alla Ulyanova, Alona Safronova, Alvina Yani, Alya Siehal, Alyona Tokovenko, Anastasia Khudiakova, Anastasia Sirenko, Anastasia Kovrizhnykh, Anastasia Hodubiak, Anastasiia Petrova, Anastasiia Telychuk, Anastasiia Kulik, Anastasiia Kostiuk, Anastasiia Kostenko, Anastasiia Bloshchytska, Anastasiia Chibitseva, Anastasiia Pochtaruk, Anastasiia Franchuk, Anastasiia Biletska, Anatlii Varvarov, Anatol Zvizhynskyi, Anatolii Fedirko, Anatolii Pogorilyi, Anatoliy Tatarenko, Anatoliy Valiev, Andrei Siderski, Andrei Pichakhchi, Andriana Kuruts, Andrii Vasylkiv, Andrii Tsoi, Andrii Roshkaniuk, Andrii Kutsachenko, Andrii Tyrpych, Andrii Akhtyrskyi, Andrii Siguntsov, Andrii Tsos, Andrii Bondarenko, Andrii Sokolenko, Andrii Mazur, Andrii Naboka, Andriy Dubiy, Andriy Kaptar, Andriy Kalkov, Andriy Helytovych, Andriy Stegura, Andriy Markiv, Angelina Perchuk, Anita Nemet, Ann Huridova, Ann Vereshchaka, Ann Kirichenko, Anna Borachuk, Anna Dobzhanska, Anna Vavilonska, Anna Martynenko (Anna Tea), Anna Chorna, Anna Luhovska, Anna Savytska, Anna Rogotska, Anna Musiienko, Anna Wasserwoman, Anna Valieva, Anna Kamatska, Anna Kakhiani, Anna Zvyagintseva, Anna Moskalets, Anna Yasynska, Anna Poroshyn, Anna Manankina, Anna Vydysh, Anna Synytsyna, Anna (Anael) Sadovshchykova, Anton Karyuk, Anton Tarasiuk, Anton Akey, Anton Firsik, Anton Logov, Anton Gudzykevych, Anton Saienko, Anton Shebetko, Anton Varga, Antonina Semenova, Antonina Posunko, Antonina Hordovska, Anya Kisla, Artem Kagramanov, Artem Mokrenets, Artem Kondratenko, Artem Andreichuk, Artem Volokitin, Artem Strembitskyi, Artur Soletskyi, Artur Vyrsta, Ashot Aleksanian, Asror Muradov, Astian Rey, Attila Hazhlinski, Barbara Gryka, Barbara-Iryn Lesinska, Bella Logachova, Bohdan Yeremeychuk, Bogdan Zadorozhniy, Bogdan Tomashevsky, Bogdan Kukharskyy, Bogdan Andriitsev, Bogdana Smyrnova, Bogdana Davydiuk, Bohdan Pylypushko, Bohdan Sokur, Bohdan Mucha, Bohdan Moroz, Bohdan Makarenko, Bohdan Bunchak, Bohdan Yanchuk, Bohdan-Lubomyr Tetianych-Bublyk, Bohdana Bedryk, Christina Garmasiy, Cyril Kovalenko, Dana Kosmina, Daniil Galkin, Daniil Shumikhin, Danil Manzhos, Danuta Tomashevych, Danylo Kovach, Danylo Bohun, Daria Tundra, Daria Alyoshkina, Daria Zaseda, Daria Maier, Daria Lutsyshyna, Daria Tekuch, Daria Lytvynenko, Daria Zharikova, Daria Veshtak, Daria Ivashchenko, Dariia Kuzmych, Darija Kits, Darja Lukjanenko, Daniella Kovalenko, Darya Titova, Darya Pastrevich, Darya Koltsova, Daryna Kalinichenko, Daryna Mamaisur, Daryna Skrynnyk-Myska, David Sharashidze, Denis Music, Denys Kyryliuk, Denys Metelin, Diana Panasova, Diana Khryptun, Diana Korotkova, Diana Berg, Dima Kazakov, Dima Mykytenko, Dmitriy Tsygankov, Dmitriy Zazimko, Dmitro Krishovsky, Dmitry Velichko, Dmitry Vlyazlo, Dmytro Lorhachov, Dmytro Vol, Dmytro Dorogostaisky, Dmytro Prutkin, Dmytro Bilous, Dmytro Buhaichuk, Dmytro Viunnyk, Dmytro Ihnatenko, Dmytro Pylyponiuk, Dmytryi Dziuba, Elena Nebesnaya, Elena Saets, Eliza Mamardashvili, Elmira Shemsedinova, Emilia Vere, Eugen Kazak, Evgen Semenyuk, Evgeniya Bakhtigareeva, Fedir Aleksandrovych, Gala Sorokhan, Galina Shaparenko, Galya Boyko, Galyna Shevtsova, Galyna Novozhenets-Havryliv, Ganna Cheremnykh, Ganna Naumova, Ganna Filatova, Ganna Grudnytska, Garry Efimov, Gayane Arushanian, Gelena Pavlenko, Genya Lisniak, Gera Artemova, Glib Franko, Glib Viches, Grigoriy Gudachenko, Grygoriy Zozulya, Halina Kurnosova, Halyna Dudar, Halyna Andrusenko, Hanna Shatsylo, Hanna Melnykova, Hanna Bulhakova, Hanna Tkachenko, Hanna Vegdash (Salikova), Hanna Kozyrieva, Hanna Zaporozhets, Hanna Torkaienko, Hanna Shumska, Helen Gumenchuk, Helen Topolyan, Heorhii Synelnykov, Hryhorii Zoryk, Iana Khachikian, Iaroslav Kusch, Ievgen Velychev, Іgor Gaidai, Igor Sokolov, Igor Chekachkov, Igor Gnativ, Igor Marinyak, Igor Kanivets, Igor Chursin, Igor Pogosian, Igor Stahniv, Igor Makedon, Igor Konovalov, Ihor Badyak, Ihor Babii, Ihor Sadovyi, Illia Galushko, Illia Sokolovskyi, Inga Levi, Inna Vovchenko-Fedosenko, Inna Prodan, Inna Mosiienko, Inna Shynkarenko, Ira Gvozdyk, Irina Yaresko, Irina Rodnikoff, Irina Dobrovetska, Irina Dzetcina, Irina Kartamysheva, Irina Vale, Irina Korenga, Iryna Prokopchuk, Iryna Terentieva, Iryna Leonova, Iryna Klymenko, Iryna Fedorenko, Iryna Shumeiko, Iryna Nikolaichuk, Iryna Shevtsova, Iryna Kalenyk, Iryna Dzyndra, Iryna Somyk- Ponomarenko, Iryna Kostyshyna, Iryna Khiblin, Iryna    Akimova, Iryna Shevelova, Iryna Lysenko, Iryna Moroz, Ishtvan Kus, Iva Mykhailian, Ivan Protasov, Ivan Brodarskyi, Ivan Davydenko, Ivan Tyshchenko, Ivan Skoryna, Ivan Drahan, Ivan Hrynkiv, Ivan Prytula, Ivan Makovskyi, Jaryna Rudnyk, Julia Baluda, Julia Petrenko, Julia Polunina-But, Julia Marushko, Julia Levitskaya, Julia Mironova, Julia Shtets, Julianna Hagel, Juliya Serebryanska, Jurii Ivantsyk, Jylia Vyshnevetska, Kamila Lozova, Kan Katoushkins, Karina Voloshko, Karyna Lazaruk, Karyna Arutiunian, Kate Geza, Kateryna Libkind, Kateryna Yashta, Kateryna Repa, Kateryna Khomych, Kateryna Haneychuk (Ganeychuk), Kateryna Shyman, Kateryna Buchatska, Kateryna Voronina, Kateryna Lesiv, Kateryna Kubytska-Soldatova, Kateryna Kobylianska, Kateryna Bondarenko, Kateryna Gornostai, Kateryna Buriak, Kateryna Pidlisna, Kateryna Berlova, Kateryna Ivonina, Kateryna Shpak, Kateryna Kapusta, Kateryna Oleshko, Katya Dudnik, Khrystina Zaharchuk, Khrystyna Shukatka, Khrystyna Vlasenko, Khrystyna Spilnyk, Kim Shambuei, Konstantin Tereschenko, Kosta Morr, Kostiantyn Shakula, Kostiantyn Aleninskyi, Kostiantyn Saposhko, Kostiantyn Amelinn, Kostyantin Rogotchenko, Kristina Mygul, Ksenia Solodka, Ksenia Safina, Ksenia Chepa, Kseniia Datsiuk, Kseniia Stepas, Kseniya Bilan, Kyrylo Dolhopolov, Larisa Stadnik, Larysa Pukhanova, Larysa Hatsenko, Larysa Polishchuk-Rusina, Lena Votkalenko, Lena Sharashidze, Lena Dzhurina, Leo Trotsenko, Leonid Shatsylo, Leonid Kolodnitsky, Lera Litvinova, Lesia Khomenko, Lesia Synychenko, Lesia Vasylchenko, Lesya Bilenko, Lesya Tyschenko, Letta Shtohryn, Levko Mykytych, Liana Riazanova-Martinez, Lidi Melnyk, Lidia Melnichyk, Lidiia Matviienko, Lika Volkova, Liliia Melnyk, Liliia Manokhina, Liliia Liutko, Lilya Chavaga, Lina Stern (Piskunova), Lisa Biletska, Lititsiya Marushko, Liubov Senchuk, Liubov Ilnytska, Liubov Mylenka, Liudmila Davydenko, Liudmyla Hanushevych, Liudmyla Shymko, Liudmyla Dykun, Liudmyla Suschenia, Lola Gaynutdinova, Lora Alekseenko, Lu Sakhno, Lucy Ivanova, Ludmila Rashtanova, Łukasz Horbów, Lyana Korostil, Lydmila Tafiychuk, Lyubov Franko, Lyudmila Kalmykova, Lyudmila Baranovskaya, Lyudmyla Mysko, Lyudmyla Bohuslavska, Lyusya Akhunova, Ma Riika, Madlen Fránko, Makar Moskalyuk, Maksim Rybalko, Maksim Finogeev, Maksym Khodak, Maksym Kotskyi, Margarita Bolgar, Margarita Sarkisova, Margarita Sherstiuk, Margo Pugachenko, Margo Reznik, Marharyta Polovinko, Mari Sofii, Maria Maria, Maria Kozyrenko, Maria Kirilenko, Maria Plotnikova, Maria Polishchuk, Maria Lusyanchenko, Maria Adamenko, Maria Petrenko, Maria Leonova, Marian Oleksiak, Mariana Sobkiv, Mariana Yaremchyshyna, Marianna Maslova, Marianna Smbatyan, Marichca Turanska, Marichka Yurchak, Marichka Ostrovska, Mariia Proshkovska, Mariia Sivak, Mariia Strelchuk, Mariia Zhurykova, Mariia Ralemska, Mariia Drozdova, Mariia Lytvyn, Mariia Rakhimova, Mariia Oliinyk, Mariia Diordichuk, Marina Kaniuk, Marina Reshetnikova, Marina Rolya, Mariya Hoyin, Mariya Pavlenko, Mariya Ospishcheva-Pavlyshyn, Mariya Plyatsko, Mariya Klymenko, Mark Chehodaiev, Marta Romankiv, Mary Chudny, Maryana Klochko, Maryana Kosyka, Maryna Naumchuk, Maryna Handysh, Maryna Kuzina, Maryna Shavyrina-Shkoliar, Maryna Zevako, Maryna Olkhova, Maryna Makarenko, Maryna Denysenko-Leshchukh, Matt (Oleg) Klinn (Koloskov), Max Afanasyev, Maxim Mirnov, Maxim Brandt, Michael Levchenko, Mikhail Batrak, Mikhail Stefura, Mikhail Zablodski, Mikhailo Markin, Misha Buksha, Mitya Churikov, Mitya Fenechkin, Mohamed Ismail, Mariia Matiienko, Mykhailo Lyzhechko, Mykhailo Chonka, Mykhailo Skop, Mykhailo Alekseenko, Mykhaylo Palinchak, Mykhaylo Barabash, Mykola Kuryliuk, Mykola Shevchenko, Mykola Dzhychka, Mykola Tsar, Mykola Ridnyi, Mykola Benduyk, Mykola Yatsurak, Mykola Pliekhov, Mykola Kocherzhuk, Mykyta Vlasov, Mykyta Akopov, Myro Klochko, Myroslav Yasinsky, Myroslava Kozar, Myroslava Bachkur, Myroslava Shevchenko, Nadiia Shapoval, Nadiia Storozhenko, Nadiia Lolina, Nadiia Khazan-Mytrofanova, Natalia Onikienko, Natalia Martyniuk, Natalia Polischuk, Natalia Larina, Natalia Studenkova, Natalia Lugovska, Natalia Trushliakova, Natalia Grabovetska, Natalia Stepaniuk, Natalia Balabash, Nataliia Krykun, Nataliia Kolesnyk, Nataliia Bahatska, Nataliia Zakharchuk, Nataliia Voitenko, Nataliia Roi, Nataliia Shamrai (Kolpakova), Nataliia Petrenko-Litvinova, Nataliia Lisova, Nataliya Taranay, Nataliya Trykisha, Nataliya Fedun, Nataliya Parshchyk, Natalja Jakoreva, Natalya Yeshchenko, Natalya Makaeva, Nazar Symotiuk, Nazar Furyk, Nazar Kulchytskyi, Nelli Pavlova, Nelli Kirman, Nadiya Bilokur, Nikolay Karabinovych, Nicole Vishnevetska, Nikita Khudiakov, Nikita Bielokopytov, Nikon Romanchneko, Nina Murashkina, Nomeda Ciurlionyte, Odarka Dema-Pisna, Oksana Kartavtseva, Oksana Shpakovych, Oksana Broshnivska, Oksana Dovhanych, Oksana Chakhaia, Oksana Briukhovetska, Oksana Sobol, Oksana Khorkholiuk, Oksana Levchyshyna, Oksana Koltun, Oksana Chepelyk, Oksana Radkevych, Oksana Korobka, Oksana Svizhak, Oksana Melnyk, Oksana Trigub-Milashevich, Oksana Boguslavska, Oksana Solop, Oksana Khyzhniak, Oksana Bandak, Olga Lesishin, Olha Kravchenko, Oleg Bilous, Oleg Loburak, Oleg Shupliak, Oleg Troyan, Oleg Girskiy, Oleg Perkowsky, Oleg Sentsov, Oleh Pavliuchenkov, Oleh Gerdy, Oleksandr Navrotskyi, Oleksandr Maksymov, Oleksandr Serdiuk, Oleksandr Antonyuk, Oleksandr Snigur, Oleksandr Meshcheriak, Oleksandr Kozaretskyi, Oleksandr Khrapachov, Oleksandr Belianskyi, Oleksandr Volyanskyi, Oleksandr Pankovets, Oleksandr Morhatskyi, Oleksandr Yanovych, Oleksandr Nykytiuk, Oleksandr Buhai, Oleksandr Bordun, Oleksandr Shevchenko, Oleksandr Vynnyk, Oleksandra Ruban, Oleksandra Zhumailova, Oleksandra Malushko, Oleksandra Lukianenko, Oleksandra Kryshovska, Oleksandra Bilobran, Oleksandra Holovata, Oleksandra Vilchynska, Oleksandra Bashchenko, Oleksandra Shypilova, Oleksandra Vinnytska, Oleksandrina Khramtsova, Oleksii Kravchenko, Oleksii Revika, Oleksii Kurkai, Oleksii Salmanov, Oleksii Pereverziev, Oleksii Malik, Oleksii Konoshenko, Oleksiy Gudzovskyy, Oleksiy Tristan, Oleksiy Sai, Oleksandra Sysa, Olena Makhanets, Olena Zagrebina, Olena Serdiuchenko, Olena Samofalova, Olena Chuprina, Olena Balykova, Olena Bezkostna, Olena Dudnichenko, Olena Lytvynenko, Olena Garkusha, Olena Selishcheva, Olena Naumenko, Olena Chala, Olena Shtepura, Olena Mishyna, Olena Panova, Olena Zozulya, Olena Lystarkhova, Olena Kayinska, Olena Lesishin, Olena Smal, Olena Turyanska, Olena Ukraintseva, Olena Naidko, Olena Oleshko, Olena Karmanska, Olena Leitner, Olena Zviagintseva, Olena Yasinska, Olena Vertsanova, Olena Kolambet (Sense), Olena Pronkina, Olena Kutsa-Chapenko, Olena Ryzhykh, Olesia Dvorak-Galik, Olesia Rybchenko, Olesia Tkachenko, Olesia Bohm, Olesia Kryvolapova, Olesya Kaznokh, Olesya Mishchenko, Olexandr Kuchynsky, Olexandra Tokareva, Olexiy Rubanov, Olexiy Malykh, Olga Polianska, Olga Kisseleva, Olga Kashshay, Olga Kryvosheieva, Olga Radionova, Olga Selischeva, Olga Glumcher (Nazarenko), Olga Kryuchkovsky, Olga Haydamaka, Olga Chekotovska, Olga Soldatova, Olga Bazhenova, Olga Panko, Olga Karpenko, Olga Skliarska, Olga Kondratska, Olga Vysotska, Olga Novikova, Olga Sabko, Olga Steblak, Olga Krykun, Olga Drozd, Olga Tkachenko, Olha Burko, Olha Turetska, Olha Razinkina, Olha Balandiukh, Olha Dobrovolska, Olha Denysiuk, Olha Savenko, Olha Pylnyk, Olha Matveeva, Olha Yakubovska, Olha Zenkova, Olha Sydorenko, Olha Yahodynska, Olha Hrytsenko, Olha Potiekhina, Olha Muravko, Olha Lannik, Olha Salnikova, Olha Hordiienko, Olha Zaulychna, Olia Fedorova, Olvia Cherednichenko, Olya Zarapina, Orest Helytovych, Orest Manetsky, Ostap Kovalchuk, Pasha Gryniuk, Pavlo Grazhdanskij, Pavlo Kovach, Pavlo Benediuk, Pavlo Yarmolyk, Pavlo Bolgaryn, Pavlo Kovach, Pavlo Arie, Petro Bevza, Petro Bujak, Petro Hrytsiuk, Petro Ryaska, Petro Mikula, Petro Kerechanyn, Petro Pyrohov, Polina Karpova, Polina Mandryk, Prokhor Titov, Raisa Vitanovska, Rasim Seidimov, Reminder of Dobrinya Ivanov, Reza Kianpour, Riley Arthur, Roksolana Uhryniuk, Roksoliana Dobrovolska, Roman Khrushch, Roman Bohdan, Roman Zakharchuk, Roman Klymchuk, Rosalia Degtyareva, Rostyslav Grechanyk, Rostyslav Kurendash, Ruslan Kutniak, Ruslan Synhaiewsky, Ruzanna Davitian, Rymma Mylenkova, San M, Sandra Araújo, Sasha Kulesha, Sasha Dolgiy, Semyon Mokrov, Serg Maksymenko, Serge Klymko, Sergey Filonenko, Sergii Paprotskyi, Sergii Halai, Sergii Oleshko, Sergii Koropatva, Sergii Grygoriev, Sergii Borovskyi, Sergii Talochko, Sergii Radkevych TECK, Sergii Zviagintsev, Sergiy Beketa, Sergiy Aniskov, Sergiy Matveychenko, Sergiy Petlyuk, Sergiy Boroviy, Serhii Dekaliuk, Serhii Bushui, Serhii Kondratiuk, Serhii Lypovtsev, Serhii Korniievskyi, Serhii Burbelo, Serhii Hulievych, Serhii Shkoliar, Serhii Hryhoryan, Serhii Zadorozhnyi, Serhii Marus, Serhii Torbinov, Serhii Panteleichuk, Serhiy Morgunov, Shadow of Ksenia 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CURATOR: Open Group (Yuriy Biley, Pavlo Kovach, Stanislav Turina and Anton Varga) 


CO-ORGANIZER: Galeria Labirynt (Lublin, Poland)
INSTITUTIONAL PARTNER: National Art Museum of Ukraine

PARTNERS: AROMATEQUE company, T.&B. Grynyov Collection, ANTONOV company, OK projects



Open Group was established in Lviv in 2012 by 6 Ukrainian artists. The group’s structure has changed over the years, and it presently consists of four members: Yuriy Biley, Pavlo Kovach, Stanislav Turina, and Anton Varga. They occasionally invite other artists or activists to take part in their projects and join the Open Group. Group members have been spearheading the creation of independent spaces, such as Detenpyla Gallery and Еfremova26 Gallery (2013-2014) in Lviv, since 2011. Open Group won the Special Distinction of the PinchukArtCentre Prize in 2013, and the Main Prize in 2015. Their works were featured at the Ukrainian National Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. In 2016, the Open Group curated the show entitled Dependence Degree, Collective Practices of Young Ukrainian Artists 2000-2016 (Wrocław, Poland). In 2017, the group’s work was presented under the aegis of the Future Generation Art Prize @ Venice 2017 (collateral events of the 57th Venice Biennale).