Open Gallery

The group’s main ongoing project of utmost importance is called Open Gallery. Following the institutions/residencies invitation or by our own initiative.We work accordingly to a third party requests or on our own to create "outlined spaces", open air or indoor. They may function as places, where art is being temporarily exhibited, and be an exhibition in their own right-air or in the context of art/non-art venues we create what we call the "outlined spaces" - temporary territories for exhibiting artworks or spaces as objects in their own right. Such "gallery spaces" are defined by clearly visible yet symbolical borders, or subtle interventions, or simply by our (or audience’s)observers' presence, either us or visitors. After being completed each Open Gallery's completion, it remains as it is, and "functions" in its initial environment without our further controlindependently from us. 

 When one is defining the Open Galleries' case, he/she may discover, that it may not exist without an artist, and vice versa.

The practice of defining the Open Galleries questions a possibility of existence of a space for representation without an artist and vice versa. 

 It also reflects the situation the aforementiond also reflects the of "institutional wasteland" in connected with Ukrainian contemporary Ukrainian art field, and may be seen perceived as an attempt to give a form tomanifest the system of professional and fellow informal relations inside  between artiststhe artistic community. 


 Social value is raising questions about the lack of galleries in this project is not decisive. If there would be enough showrooms, this projectwe would not have lost relevance for usstill treat this project as relevant.


At this moment from project "Open gallery" has been realized:


Gallery on the Stretch of the Road #2

Gallery on the Stretch of the Road


Gallery on Biesentaler Strasse



Gallery 19

The biggest Nemyrivskiy art-centre 


550 square meters gallery

Gallery with a forest view

Gallery on Arsenalna square

Gallery Tysa

Dva (two) gallery