One and the Same Place

Realized: 2015

multimedia installation: sound, interactive object

Open Group (Jesper Buursink, Anton Varga, Yuriy Biley, Pavlo Kovach, Stanislav Turina)


The project "One and the Same Place" is a site specific audio-installation about the temporary home and exhibition space of the Open Group in Amsterdam Zuidoost balancing on the edge of public and private space. 

"One and the Same Place" is a continuation of the long-term research practice of the Open Group inspired by the multicultural character of the Bijlmer and the collaboration with the audio-artist Jesper Buursink.

Sound, stories and first impressions are the media used. 

The artists invited nineteen local residents to participate in the project, each of whom speaks a different language: Spanish, Dutch, Hindu, Russian, Romanian, Tagalog (Philippines), Sranang Tongo (Surinam), Twi (Ghana), English, Polish, French, Chinese, Papiamentu, Turkish, Moroccan, Italian, Arabic, Igbo (Nigeria) and Creol (Sierra-Leone). 

Every participant took part in a performative action during which s/he "marked" the space where the artists live and work temporarily by means of a short (no longer than two minutes) story.


As a result nineteen sound-spaces are created that give a possibility to all the Bijlmer residents to get acquainted with this space at Kruitberg 1003a that is usually not open for the audience. 




OPEN ATELIERS ZO artist in residence, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015.


Made possible by: Stadsdeel Amsterdam Zuidoost, Open Ateliers Zuidoost, European  Cultural Foundation Tandem Project.