One m at Ya Gallery art centre in Dnipropetrovsk

From project One m?”
Realized 13.03.2015


The project questions the concept of artistic freedom and through the method of temporary appropriation allows
an artist to define her/his freedom in a specific space. “One m
?” is a ghost always present in space by alternate appearances and vanishings on the territories of galleries, art centres and museums.

In the art world institutions in fact “give away” their space to the artists by inviting the to exhibit a project. In turn, the artists applying with the planned projects to institutions “request” their space for use.

In line with the “One m?” space is given to the artists under the terms of the agreement, yet without a specific aim or plan of usage.

An important aspect in this project is fostering a dialogue between the regional artistic scenes in the country through the language of short-term exhibitions installed within the one m? of the “gallery”. The modest scale of such shows allows us to curate the program remotely and exhibit any artist form all over the world at low/no expenses.


In this particular case the project is entitled “One m? at Ya Gallery art centre in Dnipropetrovsk” and realized by signing an agreement between the institution and Open Group. 

Plan of gallery

Foto of gallery

Exhibition «36 shots in the form of bright blue balloons that open up in the skies into splendid green-violet peonies .» Ya Gallery art centre in Dnipropetrovsk .